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Labiaplasty Pre-Operative Instructions Updated

January 13, 2014

We have updated our preoperative instructions for patients having in-office labiaplasties. Applying a topical numbing medication prior to the procedure helps to minimize pain from the injection of a local numbing agent. We now prescribe EMLA, a topical numbing gel to be applied to the labia and clitoral skin 1-2 hours before the procedure. Another addition to our preoperative instructions […]

How Long Does it Take to Schedule a Labiaplasty?

August 1, 2013

Typically women are seen for an initial consult and begin scheduling at this appointment. A consult consists of a brief history of her symptoms and an exam. During the consult, she will decide with the provider how much skin will be removed and weather she wants a partial or complete labiaplasty. Once her consult is completed, she will meet with […]

Labiaplasty Pre and Post-Operative Instructions

January 3, 2013

BEFORE Surgery Shaving: Shave entire area prior to the procedure. Hibiclens: The night before surgery, clean labia with Hibiclens then rinse off thoroughly with water. (Hibiclens is an anti-bacterial surgical soap that may be purchased over-the-counter). EMLA: apply a thick layer of the cream to the┬álabia and clitoral skin 4 hours┬ábefore your procedure; rubbing the cream in thoroughly to all […]

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