What is clitoromegaly?

Clitoromegaly is the enlargement of the erectile tissue of the clitoris. While that might sound like a such a bad thing, patients are often uncomfortable with how the condition makes their anatomy look.

Is clitoral enlargement common?

In the past, the frequency of clitoromegaly was fairly low and was most commonly associated with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Now, with the popularity of testosterone replacement and hormone therapy on the rise, the number of women affected by this condition has increased.

Clitoromegaly causes

Testosterone therapy is being utilized nationwide to help women with low libido, decreased energy and many other health issues.  These therapies can come in the form of creams, injections, pills and pellet implants (commonly referred to as Bio Te) and are prescribed by gynecologists, primary care providers as well as med spas.  Because the clitoris is the erectile tissue in women, similar to the penis in men, testosterone treatment has a direct effect on this area, sometimes leading to an enlargement of the tissue.

What to do if you have an enlarged clitoris

It is important to note that clitoral enlargement is not dangerous.  If you began experiencing symptoms at a young age, you may need to be examined further by an endocrinologist or your gynecologist to evaluate the cause of the clitoral enlargement and to discuss possible treatments available.

If you just noticed enlargement after starting testosterone replacement, you probably just need to be evaluated by the physician managing your testosterone. If enlargement occurs while on Bio Te, we recommend rechecking labs with your physician as you may need an adjustment in your testosterone dosing.

Management and treatment of enlarged clitoris

For those women who persistently have enlargement, despite treatment and medication management, and are bothered by the appearance, clitoropexy is the ideal surgical procedure to help reduce the protruding tissue.

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