Don’t Trust Just Anyone With Managing Your Hormones

If you are considering hormone replacement therapy (HRT), it’s important to go to a provider you can trust. Hormones have a major impact on our overall health and keep our bodies functioning properly. For HRT to be effective, hormones must be administered using very precise dosage. While you might be able to find medical spas or similar clinics that offer hormone replacement therapy, we would recommend that you go to a more reputable and specialized practice, like Austin Urogynecology.

Austin Urogynecology is highly specialized in female pelvic medicine, so we don’t offer procedures that fall outside of our wheelhouse. We take our patients’ health and our reputation seriously, and we would never compromise on the quality of care that our clients receive. You’re probably familiar with the phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none”; well, we’d argue that it applies to many of the med spas and clinics out there offering every procedure under the sun. The only reason that we provide HRT is that we are qualified to do so, not simply to make money.

On a similar note, while there are many different hormone replacement therapy products available on the market today we choose to offer SottoPelle testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). We chose SottoPelle because the use of hormone pellets allows us to provide precise dosage to patients, which is crucial for the therapy to be effective. When using pellets, hormones are secreted continuously over time rather than all at once, versus other delivery methods that typically result in ups and downs and other negative side effects. It is worth noting that SottoPelle is a form of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), meaning that the hormones are chemically identical to the ones naturally created by our bodies.

If you think you might be suffering from hormone imbalance or low testosterone, schedule a free consultation with Austin Urogynecology today. Our staff can help determine the best treatment options for you based on your specific needs.


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