What Is Clitoromegaly?

Clitormegaly is an increasingly common condition where the erectile tissue of the clitoris becomes enlarged. Clitoromegaly used to occur primarily in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), but the popularity of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for women has caused the condition to increase in frequency. Clitoromegaly isn’t dangerous, but it can cause patients to feel uncomfortable or insecure. Fortunately there are several ways to address clitoromegaly, such as changing your hormone dosages or undergoing a surgical procedure called clitoropexy.

Testosterone replacement therapy is meant to help women who are experiencing low testosterone, targeting issues like low libido and energy. Traditionally, hormone replacement therapy has been available as creams, pills, or injections, and it’s usually composed of synthetic hormones. Newer formulations include SottoPelle, which is a type of bioidentical hormone therapy that comes in the form of pellets. Bioidentical hormones are most similar to the hormones naturally created by your body, and the pellets ensure a steady-state of hormone secretion – i.e. fewer highs and lows. While testosterone replacement therapy has many benefits, there’s a chance it could cause the clitoral tissue to become enlarged.

If you’re experiencing chronic clitoromegaly that isn’t responding to changes in your hormone dosage, clitoropexy is a surgical option that reduces protruding tissue. Clitoropexy involves lifting the clitoris, thereby reducing the appearance of the tissue. We place sutures around the tissue outside of the clitoris, which minimizes any bulging without negatively impacting the erectile tissue. If necessary, we may also surgical reduce the size of the glans of the clitoris. This is a simple procedure that can be conducted within the surgical suite at our office, using local and oral sedation. It typically only takes an hour, but many patients opt to combine clitoropexy with other vaginal rejuvenation procedures, like labiaplasty.

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