SottoPelle Testosterone Replacement Therapy

SottoPelle Testosterone Replacement Therapy – What Sets Us Apart

Hormone therapy and its different modalities have been around for many years. More recently, pellet therapy has become a popular form of hormone replacement. Reasons for this include ease of use, low maintenance, and, most importantly, it provides a steady state of hormone secretion while in place. Benefits of pellet hormone therapy include: increased libido, increased energy, improved cognition and mood as well as cardiovascular and bone density benefits. Pellet therapy is specifically tailored to each patient and can include testosterone and estrogen. Basic lab work will be completed in order to find the right combination to get you feeling your best.


Why pellets? And why SottoPelle?

With all of the different options for HRT on the market, why should you choose pellet therapy? First of all, pellets are easy to use. Aside from the small procedure to place them, there is nothing that you as the patient need to do once they are placed. They are low maintenance and only require replacement every 4-6 months (your provider will check your labs at regular intervals to determine when it’s time to replace). Most importantly, pellets provide a constant state of hormone secretion. This has been a problem in the past with other forms of HRT such as creams, pills, and injections. Typically, with these older methods you can have highs and lows related to the dosing of the medication.

Many patients who are interested in hormones have the desire to return to a more normal state. Rather than using synthetic hormones which carry a high risk of side effects, we use a product called SottoPelle, a bioidentical hormone pellet therapy that is plant derived and natural. By using bioidentical hormones, we are able to mimic the body’s natural secretion and get you feeling back to you. Pellet placement is done in our clinic with minimal downtime. At the time of placement, a small amount of local anesthetic will be injected into the area of placement, typically the hip. Once the area is numb, rice sized pellets are inserted with a small dressing placed over top. Estrogen pellets are often placed in combination with testosterone pellets to ensure the correct dosage of hormones. 


SottoPelle Side Effects

While there are amazing benefits of pellet hormone therapy, there can be side effects. In women, a common side effect with improperly dosed pellets is clitoromegaly, an enlargement of the erectile tissue of the clitoris. Generally this issue can be addressed by further managing the dosage of the pellet to find what provides the best results for you. If you have received prior hormone replacement therapy and have experienced ongoing clitoromegaly, let us help you. We can discuss options for treatment and also get you onto a more appropriate hormone dose.


Why Austin Urogynecology?

So why choose us? We specialize in women’s health. With years of experience as an OB-GYN and pelvic floor reconstruction specialist, Dr. Shashoua knows what it takes to help his patients return to a more balanced and youthful state. With the assistance of Nurse Practitioners Kristin Crimmins and Julianna Monceaux, we take a holistic approach to your health and our only goal is to bring normality back into your life. If you think you might be suffering from issues related to hormonal imbalance, don’t wait!

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Hi Dr. Shashoua and team - I had my hysterectomy a year ago and I wanted to send y'all an update. I'm so grateful for the professionalism and competence at your practice. This year has brought many quality of life improvements that I hadn't imagined were possible. It was a very positive experience. The surgery, in combination with the hormone replacement therapy, have changed my life so much. Keep up the excellent work! You are helping women live better, fuller lives.

-Jen B.

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