Why Would Women Need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Testosterone is and androgen hormone and is the dominant sex hormone in males, which means that it plays a critical role in the development of male reproductive and sexual characteristics. However, just because testosterone is considered a “male hormone” doesn’t mean that it isn’t also found in women. In fact, the presence of a small amount of testosterone is absolutely vital to a woman’s overall health.

Testosterone is essential for contributing to a woman’s sexual well-being by boosting libido and supporting reproductive health. In addition to that, testosterone is also necessary for the development of new blood cells. Without enough testosterone, women may experience fatigue, muscle weakness, and mood changes. Considering the impact that testosterone has on the sexual health of women, it goes without saying that having low testosterone has adverse effects on a woman’s sex drive and her ability to experience pleasure during intercourse.

There are several areas where testosterone is produced in a female body, but most testosterone is made in the ovaries. This is the main reason that testosterone levels in women usually begin to decrease with age: the ovaries produce fewer hormones, testosterone included, in pre- and post-menopause.

There are a number of other reasons that women may suffer from low testosterone. Some women might experience early menopause, while others might take an oral estrogen that has the effect of decreasing natural testosterone production. Additionally, if the adrenal glands aren’t properly functioning it can lead to hormone imbalances that often result in low testosterone in women.

If you suspect that your testosterone levels might be low, talk to your doctor about potential test options and treatment plans. Here at Austin Urogynecology, we can check your hormone levels through lab work and recommend specific hormone dosing from there if appropriate.

We offer a treatment called SottoPelle, which is a form of bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT) that allows us to provide our patients with very accurate doses of hormones. Sottopelle can combine doses of both estrogen and testosterone pellets that are administered based on a patient’s specific hormone levels.

There are many advantages to using SottoPelle and the pellet delivery method as opposed to other types of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). SottoPelle utilizes bioidentical hormones, which are as close as you can get to the hormones you naturally produce. Pellets also get absorbed by the body slowly which releases a continuous stream of hormones, making the effects more consistent than oral or topical hormone therapies and minimizing negative side effects.

The treatment process is very straightforward. First, we run lab tests to get your baseline hormone levels and determine the correct dosage for the treatment. Patients will then schedule a date for the pellets to be administered. Upon arriving for treatment, we’ll inject a local anesthetic to the hip/buttock area before creating a small incision. The rice-sized pellets are inserted into the fatty tissue, a waterproof dressing is placed over the incision, and the patient is sent on their way. While every patient’s needs are different, pellet dosing will typically occur every 3-5 months.

If you think you might be suffering from low testosterone, contact Austin Urogynecology today to learn more.


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