Labiaplasty Pre and Post-Operative Instructions

BEFORE Surgery

  • Shaving: Shave entire area prior to the procedure.
  • Hibiclens: The night before surgery, clean labia with Hibiclens then rinse off thoroughly with water. (Hibiclens is an anti-bacterial surgical soap that may be purchased over-the-counter).
  • EMLA: apply a thick layer of the cream to the labia and clitoral skin 4 hours before your procedure; rubbing the cream in thoroughly to all areas including the skin folds. Apply saran wrap to help the cream absorb. Repeat the EMLA application 2 hours before surgery. Leave the EMLA cream on your skin – it will be removed in the office immediately prior to your procedure.
  • 1 hour before surgery take the following medications (tablets by mouth):
    • 2 Oxycodone
    • 2 Xanax
  • Bring the remainder of the Xanax and 2 of the Oxycodone with you to the procedure so that additional medication may be issued if needed.
  • Antibiotics will be issued to you in the office the day of your procedure.

**Please have someone drive you to and from the office**

AFTER Surgery

  • Showering: In the shower, for the first week after surgery, apply a very small amount of Hibiclens to the labia. Do not apply any other soaps, creams, lotions, or wipes to the vulva as they are irritating. Rinse off the Hibiclens thoroughly. Hold open the vaginal area allowing fresh shower water to run over the vulva for at least a couple minutes at the end of each shower. The water helps the area heal, and also removes all the Hibiclens that is irritating to the vulvar skin. After the shower, dry the area completely.  Use a hair dryer if possible.
  • Ice: Ice packs can be used for pain control and swelling after surgery; particularly in the first 24 hours.
  • Baths: After the first 24 hours, take warm water baths after the shower to decrease swelling.
  • Voiding: Urine can be irritating to the incisions. Rinse the area with water using your peri-bottle after urination, and then blot area dry.
  • Clothing: Wear loose clothing the first 2 days after surgery for comfort and to allow the incisions to stay dry.
  • Driving: You may resume driving once narcotic medications are discontinued.
  • Intercourse:  Resume sexual relations around 6 weeks after surgery.  Ultimately, the patient decides when she is ready, once the incision is healed and sutures have dissolved.
  • Activity:  Resume normal activity as tolerated.

Use Tampons for first period after procedure to prevent irritation from pads.

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