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Is a Labiaplasty a Cosmetic Surgery?

March 18, 2013

The answer is yes and no. If a patient has symptoms of labial hypertrophy, then the procedure is considered non-cosmetic. Symptoms of labial hypertrophy include chronic irritation, discomfort and rubbing during sexual intercourse and when wearing tight fitting clothing. Regardless of whether the procedure is done for cosmetic reasons or for symptoms of labial hypertrophy, the mainstay of the labiaplasty […]

Labiaplasty Pre and Post-Operative Instructions

January 3, 2013

BEFORE Surgery Shaving: Shave entire area prior to the procedure. Hibiclens: The night before surgery, clean labia with Hibiclens then rinse off thoroughly with water. (Hibiclens is an anti-bacterial surgical soap that may be purchased over-the-counter). EMLA: apply a thick layer of the cream to the labia and clitoral skin 4 hours before your procedure; rubbing the cream in thoroughly to all […]

Is a Vaginoplasty Procedure the same as a Labiaplasty Procedure?

December 14, 2012

The answer is no. A Labiaplasty involves the removal of the extra or uneven labia minora (inner vaginal lips). A vaginoplasty is a reconstructive procedure of the vagina that is performed when the vagina is shortened, either congenitally or from prior vaginal surgery. A perinorrhaphy (sometimes referred to as perineoplasty) is an important part of vaginal prolapse repairs in patients […]

How much labial skin is removed at the time of labiaplasty?

November 6, 2012

The goal of labiaplasty surgery is to remove enough of the labia minora to alleviate symptoms associated with enlarged labia. These symptoms may include chronic irritation, discomfort and rubbing during sexual intercourse, and when wearing tight fitting clothing. Some women with labial hyperplasia also complain of recurrent yeast infections or vulvar vestibulitis symptoms. By removing excess labial tissue, symptoms of […]

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