Things Are Just… Different

We hear this phrase commonly when women come in for an evaluation. Whether it’s regarding discomfort with exercising, being uncomfortable in swimsuits, or decreased sensation with intercourse, we at Austin Urogynecology are here to address your most personal and sometimes embarrassing concerns.

So if things are different, and you’re wondering where to start, the most important step is coming in for an evaluation. Many women may notice changes but not be able to exactly explain them or know what the cause is and therefore they may put off seeking treatment. An evaluation will help you and your practitioner identify what’s going on, even if you’re at a loss. Many issues that we see in clinic are common problems that are not so commonly discussed, so rest assured that you are not alone even if it seems as if you are.

So we figured out what’s going on, now what do you do? At the time of your evaluation, your surgeon will discuss your options. Frequent surgeries performed to help improve the look and feel of the vagina include labiaplasty, clitoropexy, labia majora reduction, vaginoplasty, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Got questions? Need an appointment? We’re here to help!