Patient Testimonial: Hysterectomy, Sling, & Sacrocolpoperineopexy

– [Marci] Hi there, this is Marci with Austin Urogynecology. And this is one of our patients. She’s 14 weeks post-op from the hysterectomy sacrocolpoperineopexy, and mid-urethral sling How did your surgery go? Was there anything that stood out?

– Well, my surgery went very well. I was not looking forward to it, which I guess is normal with surgery, but the people even before, the staff beforehand was very helpful in relaxing me and making me realize that the preparation was not that difficult. And the surgery itself, in my case took a little bit longer but everybody was very patient and stuck with it. And my result was, I didn’t even barely know that I’d gone through the surgery. When I came out, I had my daughter was with me and I was able to really recover and get off of the heavy drugs fairly quickly because I had someone there who cared about me and we ended up telling funny stories to each other after a day. And we actually enjoy the time together that we might not have had because she has three children and so we never have time to ourselves.

– [Marci] Well, awesome. I’m glad everything went well. Is there any advice that you would give to people who are considering this surgery?

– Well, I think that it’s important to prepare yourself, prepare your house or wherever you’re going afterwards. For me, this sounds really strange, but having that little U-shaped piece of… it really helped me have something to sit on that was comfortable until my bottom recovered and it made it so much easier to not use as heavy a drug. I mean, I was off of the drugs within a couple of days. It was only taking Extra Strength Tylenol, which was really, you know, what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure I’d be able to. And just eating the right food so that you get your system back. And in the beginning, not really eating a great, you probably not gonna eat too much to start out with anyway but I think it’s important to prepare yourself and having things in the house that you can need afterwards. And then just trying to put yourself in a calm frame of mind before you go in and have everything all set. I think that makes a big difference. I really do.

– [Marci] Well, thank you.

– Thank you very much.

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