Is My Vagina Normal?

Many women are concerned with the way their vaginas look because it looks different from photos and videos that they’ve seen in the media. “Is my vagina normal?” has slowly started to become a common question asked by women around the world. There is no standard of normal when it comes to vaginas because they’re all different. Vaginas, just like people, come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. There are many factors that can contribute to the way your vagina looks including heredity, hormones, and pregnancy.

Enlarged labia tend to be the most common reason women think their vagina is different. The labia are divided into the minora (inner labia) and majora (outer labia). Changes can occur over time in both of these areas causing lengthening and darkening of the labia, especially in the minora. Typical labia majora changes are related to a decrease in elasticity of the skin that occurs with age, or a loss of fat causing sagging of the skin and underlying fatty tissue. All of these are normal differences and can occur throughout a woman’s lifespan.

Another reason women ask this question is because they have noticed a decrease in sensation with intercourse. Over time, and especially after childbirth, there can be a stretching or relaxation of both the pelvic floor and the vaginal opening. These are common and normal changes and can occur regardless of preventative measures such as kegels. Sometimes, prolapse may also be present.

Knowing that most changes to the appearance and sensation of the vagina with time are normal, there are still many women who would like to address these changes and regain a more youthful feel and appearance. At ALVR, we offer labiaplasty, labia majora reduction, and vaginal rejuvenation to restore the vaginal anatomy and restore everyday confidence in our patients.

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