Don’t Ignore Vaginal Laxity!

The female body goes through a litany of changes during pregnancy and childbirth. It is a beautiful biological process that, unfortunately, also comes with its fair share of less-than-desirable effects on the body. One of these is vaginal laxity. Depending on our age and level of physical activity post-pregnancy, our bodies typically will bounce back to normal within six months of giving birth. However, sometimes not everything does. The ligaments and tissues that hold the pelvis and pubic area together can sometimes be stubborn.

Vaginal laxity can cause a variety of problems. Some of these are aesthetic and sensational preferences that women may find frustrating post-pregnancy, while others are more serious, like pelvic organ prolapse. If you feel like things aren’t back where they belong after childbirth, don’t worry! That’s completely natural, but it is important to address before problems persist and worsen.

Austin Urogynecology offers a number of treatments that address vaginal laxity, depending on the needs of our clients. While vaginal tightening creams can encourage healthy blood flow and address mild vaginal laxity, they are not sufficient for everyone. For persistent and more serious cases of vaginal laxity, we offer vaginal rejuvenation. This procedure tightens and lengthens the vagina, which can reduce complications caused by laxity. Often, women will also opt for pelvic prolapse repair in the event of extreme laxity.

No matter the need, AUG offers a professional, clean, and caring environment operated by compassionate medical professionals. If you feel as though you may be living with vaginal laxity and want to speak with a medical professional, schedule a consultation today!

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