Da Vinci Surgery: Who Controls the Robot?

A common question from patients who are scheduled for da Vinci robotic assisted surgery is, “How does the robot do the surgery?” While robotic surgery sounds like something of the future where the robot goes on autopilot and does the surgery, this is not the case! The robot is controlled at all times by the surgeon. The surgeon sits at a console where he is able to see a magnified, 3D image of the surgical site. He has hand pieces and foot pedals to operate the camera and instruments to perform the procedure. There is also a surgical assistant at the patient’s bedside who can change out the instruments being used and assist with the procedure through a surgical port. Da Vinci robotic surgery is minimally invasive and an advancement past traditional laparoscopy which only allows a 2D image. Compared to open surgical procedures, small incisions are made to allow for the surgical ports to be placed. Click here to watch a da Vinci robotic assisted sacrocolpopexy with uterine preservation.

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