Can Labia Minora and Labia Majoria Reductions Be Performed at The Same Time?

In many cases both procedures can be done at the same time. However, if the incisions are significantly close to one another we sometimes we recommend that the procedures are done in two separate settings to allow for healing time of the first surgical area. Both of these procedures are typically done in the office under oral sedation.

Reduced Recovery Times
Having the labia minora and labia majora reduced done in one setting has the benefit of the patient only needing to come into the office once for surgery and allows for the areas to begin to heal at the same time, decreasing overall recovery time.

Restrictions are the same following either surgery: vaginal rest for about 6 weeks and a few days to one week off from work. Both incisions are closed with dissolvable sutures. The sutures take 6-8 weeks to dissolve, for both areas. We see our patients 2 weeks and 6 weeks after surgery for a post op exam. The surgical sites are checked at these visits to ensure proper healing, patient comfort and satisfaction.

While we have a great presence in Austin, we are seeing more and more women who are traveling from out of town and out of state to have labiaplasty surgery. Austin Urogynecology is a convenient drive from Dallas, San Antonio, San Marcos, Houston, New Braunfels and other surrounding areas. We also see patients who fly in from out of state for surgery. When traveling from out of town, we usually recommend an overnight stay the night before surgery, for ease of an early appointment and another night the night of surgery. This allows for adequate rest before traveling home. At times, post op visits can be done remotely through secure photo uploads and phone calls. If patients are able to travel back to Austin, we will see them at 2 weeks and 6 weeks after surgery.

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